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Where you can advertise with us

We provide advertising as a small banner on either the home or inside pages of our web site.

Cost of advertising


The cost is $15 per thousand views of your banner plus 15 cents per click through.

You only pay the click-through rate when people actually click on the link and go to your web site. There is a charge for views as even though a viewer may not click through to your web site, it does create brand awareness, as does TV, newspaper and radio advertising.

All views and click-throughs are tracked and you will be able to view your click-through reports online and verify their accuracy.

Not permitted advertising

We do not permit advertising by sexually oriented sites, on line casinos, companies selling prescription drugs without a doctors prescription,  ads that link to site that promote violence, breach of copyright or any other advertiser that in our sole discretion we do not think will enhance our reputation.

Welcome advertising

We welcome advertising from software companies, Internet service providers, genuine dating agencies (not those that serve as a front for porn or prostitution), banks, insurance companies, airlines, hotels, newspapers, TV and radio stations, magazines (print and online), charities (special rates apply), music companies, TV stations, national retailers.

Banner size

Banners appear down the right side of the page. They can be up to 130 pixels wide and 50 pixels high. They can be jpg or gifs (animated or not).


For more information, please email us: