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The Traffic Warden and Traffic Wardens

Submit and read Traffic Warden jokes, true Traffic Wardens stories and play Splat the Traffic Warden.

This site is dedicated to the Great British traffic warden and what we, the driving public, think of them.

We know the cities are crowded and in many cases traffic wardens are a necessary evil. However we believe the government has given too much power to traffic wardens, who in many cases, do not act in a fair or reasonable manner.


Parking controls were introduced to London in 1958. The first parking meters were  installed outside the American Embassy.
Two years later traffic wardens made their first appearance on the streets of London. They have been hated by motorists ever since.
In June 2000 31 police forces issued body armour to traffic wardens after a spate of attacks from angry drivers.  

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Are Traffic Wardens Human?

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When Traffic Wardens are born, are their mothers slapped?

Are Traffic Wardens Human?

Traffic wardens are fine public servants
They make some mistakes but generally do a decent job
They are somewhere between cockroaches and pond scum

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Bonuses for Tickets

Traffic wardens have a target to hit every month and frequently get bonuses for exceeding it. What are the council trying to do? Raise revenue or control traffic.

Do Traffic Wardens have Sex?

No. They reproduce asexually, rather like jelly fish and tape worms.

This is a Humor Site

This is a satire/ humor site only. We are not really suggesting that you back your car onto traffic wardens feet. (Although if you ever do, please send us a photo).

You might think it is very unfair if you get a ticket in the time it takes you to find a Pay and Display machine that isn't broken and buy a ticket. It isn't, you should have parked closer to a unbroken machine. So there!

OK, we've done the legal bit, let's get back to slagging off Traffic Wardens.

Why this site

This site was created after my car was clamped, while legally parked and while I was in possession of a valid Pay and Display ticket.


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